I love this book because it’s all about the power of love—the love between a little girl and a skinny stray dog named Louie. Love Like Louie is a wonderful book with lessons for kids, for adults, for everybody who believes that love really can conquer all.”

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The New One Minute Manager® and Servant Leadership in Action

Louie's Story is for EVERYONE


I read this story as an adult and felt so many emotions! It is a page turner as you want to find out how Louie's journey ends! Love is the core theme of the book. We can love someone to wholeness. We need that a lot today! I truly enjoyed hearing "Louie's doggy" perspective in the book. Chapters were devoted to him! I highly recommend the book to teach young people the value of love, leadership and problem solving. There is a wonderful series of questions in the back. Teachers could use this in the classroom! Get your copy today!

Love is Leadership - Leadership is Love... Lessons of Love from a Young Girl & Lost Dog...
Louie & Evi demonstrate such terrific insights. They show that middle schoolers have profound magnificence and a mini-me leader inside. They understand that Leadership is Love, and Love is Leadership -at whatever the age. This terrific book sets the standard for middle school understanding of Leadership Love - of positive influencing of themselves and others.

The story Evi and Louie tell is a story every student (and parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle) can relate to and learn from. Lessons in kindness, trust, caring, decision making, Love, and life. It is a role model story. Thanks for the insights Louie & Evi, and for the platform to learn alongside my grandchildren.

Love Like Louie - MUST READ


Love Like Louie is one of the most heartwarming stories I've ever read. It not only teaches the reader how to respect animals but also how to view people in a different light but how to treat them better. There are many valuable lessons that adults and kids can learn from reading this story. I literally couldn't put it down, it touched my heart.

An important lesson on what love looks like!


This is such a great story. It says for middle-schoolers, but I think it's a heart-warming tale for everyone. In our world of social media and texting, the word love is thrown around without much weight or meaning. People are forgetting what love looks like. Culture tells us it's all about feelings and it should be easy, but that's not true. This story is a great reminder that love is about commitment, and sometimes it takes work and sacrifice...but when it pays off, it's such a beautiful blessing! This is a lesson for all ages, and it's especially cute as it's written from different viewpoints. I love being able to read what Louie is thinking - it's an important perspective that we each have a story. It's an adorable, fun and moving read.

Love and acceptance will always win in the end


I was fortunate enough to get a signed copy of this heartwarming story of love between a young lady and a dog that needed someone to love him, as well as the unconditional love that is so apparent between this young lady and her family. She uses her learning experiences with Louie to share at school and in doing that overcomes what so many young people are dealing with today, not being accepted and many times bullied.

I hope parents buy this book for their children AND read it themselves to help their children deal with some of the harsh realities of life and the times we are living in, and understanding that can make a difference if they try.

Teach your kids kindness through a lovable story


Love Like Louie is an adventure for the whole family. The story evokes every emotion and creates great conversation about the importance of treating others with respect, kindness and love. Telling your kids to be kind is one thing, but experiencing a great story, like Love Like Louie, with them evokes the conversations that we all need to be having with our children. This book will be pivotal in helping kids gain the right values to be a great person!

Lots of love and life lessons


This book is a great addition to any 8-12-year-old’s library. In this heartwarming story, a grandmother guides her granddaughter Emi through the learning processes of caring for a lost pup Louie. We get to live in Emi’s shoes as she confronts many emotional moments in learning patience, understanding, and love in dealing with Louie. There are great family and schoolmate interactions, real emotions to conquer through the guidance of her grandmother, and some pretty practical lessons on how to train and care for a puppy. I especially loved the short chapters where we hear from Louie himself – a real insight into the world as seen through the eyes of a dog. A great book that is packed with life lessons without turning off kids.

A story with a message we all need to hear!


What a heartwarming story which honestly speaks to any age group! Love the quote: “There is always one fact more in every man’s case about which we know nothing.’ In other words, there is always something happening in people’s lives that we don’t have a clue about. And yet we judge them, or they judge us when they don’t know what is going on in our lives. Just remember, there is always one fact more...”. I plan to give this book to many of my friends knowing the message is one we all can learn from! Love, Love, Love!

Loved by my reluctant reader students!


Love Like Louie's short chapters, and chapters "written" by Louie, capture the interest of my students who are hesitant to read. Before they realize it, they are writing about the book's plot, characterization, cause and effect, sequencing, predicting, and so forth. Danise's and Louie's videos online also help the story come alive for my students.


A Love Story


This book was such a good read. It is the story of both Emi and Louie as they find and help transform each other for the better. I loved reading Louie’s perspective. I think this story is one that people of any age can get lessons from reading. Choose love is always a wonderful idea, but so very hard to do as an individual in reality. Emi, with the help of her grandma finds her way to seeing this with not only Louie, but with her friends as well. The takeaway that we all need to remember is that there is always that something, that “one fact more”, in everyone’s lives that we know nothing about that influences their behavior. The story is written very well from a young person’s view. I really felt emotional along with Emi when she had to deal with the idea of not keeping Louie.

Who wouldn’t love a story about a dog and a child - with an important message?


If you’re a parent or grandparent, and want to deliver a message to a child about how to treat others with respect, let Louie help you. This book connects with children using a unique approach - a heartwarming story from both a dog’s and a child’s perspective. Might be the most important book you get for your child or grandchild! Trust Louie!